Dawg Days

"Design Your Dog's Day!"



We are Small to Medium Dog Walking Specialists, located in beautiful Vancouver BC Canada


We spend as much time with your “Best Friend” as possible


We’ll even come to your work and pick them up from there if that works for you

Do you have a morning mutt?  


Release the Hounds to Us!


It's all about the K-9 and what he or she likes to do....it's their time!


Got a Gung Ho dog? one that needs to run off steam?


Or is your "Best Friend" a slow poke....who's just doggin it!....


If your Furry Friends need a "Special Day" we can arrange:


Movie Star Day

Barkday Parties

Special "Adventure" Walks

Farm Days

These days are not only FUN for your Pet but also something YOU'LL really Enjoy!


***We Specialize in Dog Walking for Film Industry Personnel***