Dawg Days

"Design Your Dog's Day!"

Dawg Walks


We service many areas of Urban Vancouver. If you don't see the area poochy likes, suggest one!

Your pooch will have a blast with us in any of the following communities:


Does your dog love 2 b off leash? Kitz is home to plenty of off-leash beaches

Spanish Barks:

Named after the Spanish explorers, now we explore it! Nice long stretchs of ocean and forest, lively landscapes to run and play and fresh water ponds.  Now whose dog dreams of a day there! Yeah Baby!!


Cobblestones, Trendsetters, Artists Studios, Starbarks Cafes and all the way down to Gastown.




Neighbourhoods, streets lined with trees leading to an array of friendly parks.


A seaside tidal village. Grandville Island strolls into False Creek, a hub of activity, tourists, promenades, markets, outdoor entertainment, and Charleston park with a water fall to jump in and shake it up.


A blended tapistry of side walk cafes, English Bay, Denman Street, Nelson and Stanley Park and Sunset Beach. Lots and lots of people and dogs. A seriously concentrated nieghbourhood. Tourists and local co-exist happily.


Safe quiet neighbourhoods. Kerristail is also known as Southlands due to its location. Smells good! Must be the riverbank, farm type activity, and the horses...country roads take me home! Right down to the end of Blenheim Ave... 

Point GreyHound:

Sail boats, Sunsets, Spanish Banks, Pacific Spirit Park, Duck Ponds....need we say more?