Dawg Days

"Design Your Dog's Day!"



What Our Outings Entail:

$16  for The Walk about...for an hour....P/U and drive time not included.

Variety gauranteed...socializing, stimulation...through muttley's neighborhood parks and jaunt over to the ocean for a dip...

$25  for The "Full Meal Deal" 3.5 hours* of action packed ...adventure..hiking...specifically designed for the Gung Ho hound who just wants to be OUT there....swimming, running, rolling, chasing, yada yada yahooooooo!

For the  "Walk Around "  crowd...just to get out of the 4 walls and walk around on the 4 paws... they can meander all they want, sniff, and mark till their heart's content...live a little ...see the world.. it's not a race... they like their doggin it pace!

Special needs and or Private Walks can be arranged. 1/2 hr or 1 hr  we'll discuss it when you ring us. 
Here's How It Works   "The Procedure To Design Your Dawgs Day"
*  You call me and we talk about how you're too busy to walk Fido, Yada Yada Yada...
* We discuss what your best friend needs and wants...(let's face it, you're his/her's voice  in the world)
*  Like.....Where does he like to go?
*  What does she like to do?
*  Is there a favourite neighborhood he or she haunts...park or beach to romp?
*  or...does Muttley want to come along with me for a car ride...do some light
    errands, visit a trendy cafe and get a treat for good girls and boys?
*  If you can bring the little tyke to the office in the morning...we'll be happy to do a P/Up there and drop off at the house...just so you and your best friend get more time in....(its all about  tailoring your dogs day)

Morning  and  Afternoon Excursions.

9am -ish and  4pm -ish.. name the time and duddley's dream can come true, really!
Basic Rate for 1 hr - ish walk.                                                                        $20.00
                                                              2nd mutt in same house                   $10.00 extra
For the action packed athletic treks @Full throttle 3.5 hrs                      $45.00
                                                               2nd mutt same diggs                        $22.50 extra
3-4 hr walk...Just keep me out and about away from those 4 walls.      $30.00 

5 days a week, Week after Week, Month after Month sorta of thing.

                                                                       Discount Club.   ..... ......  .. ..  10% off above rates

After walks, all Dogs get a chewy treat, if that's ok with you :)

Book your "Best Friends" Day NOW!